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  1. To be loyal to principals and deal fairly with buyers. To engage only in reconcilable activity. Not to knowingly permit any transactions to occur which are unfair to principals and/or buyers.

  2. It is unworthy of NSIMA members to take part in unfair or deceptive methods or tactics for the purpose of securing any part of a purchaser's order whether for your principals or for your buyer.

  3. To provide reliable guidance to the buyer and professional service to a principal. Actions and opinions must not be tainted by breach of confidentiality.

  4. To abide by the By-Laws of your Association now in force and as they may be amended.

NSIMA Officers 2017/18
A. Neale (Chip) Smith, III
Baltimore, Maryland
1st Vice President
Gerald S. Kramer
Wellesley, Massachusetts
2nd Vice President
Tom B. Petty, III N. Richland Hills, Texas
    3rd Vice President Craig Ruffolo Oakland, California
    Secretary/Treasurer Bruce W. Penner Temperance, Michigan

NSIMA Directors 2017/18
    A. Neale (Chip) Smith, III

Baltimore, Maryland

    Bruce W. Penner Temperance, Michigan
    Craig Ruffolo Oakland, California
    Daniel Irwin III Buffalo, New York
    Don Philpot Norcross, Georgia
    Gerald S. Kramer Wellesley, Massachusetts
    Tom B. Petty, III N. Richland Hills, Texas

Past Presidents of National Sugar Brokers Association
    (National Sweetener and Ingredient Marketing Association)
    Lewis W. Minford 9-2-1903 to 1-12-1904
    Arthur H. Lamborn 1-12-1904 to 1-10-1905
    J. Harvey Connell 1-14-1908 to 1-12-1909
    Lambert V.D. Cameron 1-12-1909 to 1-8-1929
    William H. Burns 1-8-1929 to 1-9-1951
    John G. Griffin 1-9-1951 to 1-12-1954
    Sievers W. Sussmann 1-12-1954 to 5-25-1954
    Stanley P. Matthews 5-25-1954 to 1-11-1955
    Emil J. Hirtzel 1-11-1955 to 1-14-1958
    William D. Lamborn 1-14-1958 to 1-12-1960
    Edward D. DeLima 1-12-1960 to 1-9-1962
    Daniel L. Dyer 1-9-1962 to 1-12-1965
    Kenneth W. Dougherty 1-12-1965 to 1-18-1966
    George R. Dindel 1-10-1967 to 1-9-1968
    Kenneth W. Dougherty 1-9-1968 to 1-12-1971
    Roy M. Schwartz 1-13-1971 to 1-8-1974
    John T. Crowe 1-8-1974 to 1-14-1975
    Albert N. Smith, Sr. 1-14-1975 to 1-11-1977
    Leon A. Salerno 1-14-1977 to 1-11-1980
    David W. Montgomery, Sr. 1-1-1980 to 1-1-1986
    Daniel L. Dyer, Jr. 1-1-1986 to 1-1-1989
    A. Neale Smith, Jr. 1-1-1989 to 8-1-2005
      Raymond A. Washmera 8-1-2005 to 8/1/2012